Technical Parameters

Glass Thickness1/4”(6mm), 5/16”(8mm), 3/8”(10mm), 1/2”(12mm)
Kinds of GlassClear, Ultra Clear, Grey, Bronze, Pattern Glass
Edge FinishFlat Polished, Pencil Polished, Beveled Polished,
CornerCutting 1-35mm, Radius 1-60mm
Printed by Ceramic PaintFrosted (Acid Etched), White, Black, Blue, Variety of Patterns and Colors
Overall BowCurvature not Exceed 1.5mm within 1000mm
Roller WaveWave not Exceed 0.3mm within 300mm
Tempering Particle Counts45-80 Particles per 50*50 Mm
CertificatesCE and SGCC


Edge finish for rectangle tabletops:


Corners for glass rectangle tabletop:



Due to our customer’s requirement, we have ability of assembling and sales-package packing. The products can be delivered into end users from our factory.

We have serviced more than 5 years to our customers Dulles USA and INR Sweden.



Printed by ceramic paint

Variety of Patterns and Colors are available.

The ceramic paint water-based, environmentally friendly, meets ROHS.

After 15 years’ printing practice, we developed a professional team, and rebuilt a dust-free workshop with cleaning air supplied. Waste of air/water/paint is treated correctly, and we passed License from the Government.

The glass is printed before tempering, have the features:

  1. Scratch resistance

  2. Temperature resistance -30~230℃

  3. Resistance to weak acid and base

  4. Ceramic paint does not fall off

  5. Water proof and moisture proof


Self-inspection by workers


Inspection by QC